not your average bear, For you, Tronblr.
Howdy! I'm Kay. Twenty-four. Female. Cafe worker and future cop.

I love a lot of things: Zoids! Pokemon! Tea! Coffee! Bears! The Avengers! Captain America! Agent Coulson! Capsicoul! Lestrade & Friends (Yarders ahoy~)! Little Bear! Hockey! The Elder Scrolls! Clark Gregg! Zdeno Chara! Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.! And a bunch more, but we'll leave it there.

EASTER EGG: Check out this post for an audio representation of my feelings on anything mentioned above.

For you, Tronblr. 

So, a sort of collaboration between myself and my brother, themanyourmancouldtastelike. This happened to him in class today, so I decided his thoughts needed to be expressed to the world in Rage Comic form. I don’t do Clu’s hair justice in that last panel, but it’ll have to do~

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